Small Changes, Big Results

small changes

Change a little; improve a lot…that is my motto right now.

I am trying to add one new, small habit each week in the hopes of improving some aspects of me.

So, in response to today’s Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)  if I was to write a book, the book jacket would look something like this:

Small Changes, Big Results is an international best seller. After spending a year making small changes to her daily routine, the author, known as SS, saw great improvements in her health and happiness.

Starting from a place of happy, but not all that healthy, SS decided to focus on eating right and moving more. She strictly followed the Weight Watchers program and incorporated exercise slowly, but regularly into her day.

Also recognizing the necessity to declutter and organize her life, SS focused on improving ‘one corner at a time’. This goal was quickly achieved by incorporating easy to accomplish tasks into her daily and weekly routine.

High on SS’s to do list was improving her personal relationships as well at the world that surrounds her. With a little research and advanced planning, paired with tiny adjustments to her schedule, SS found ways to spend more quality time with the ones she loved doing fun and exciting things. She also carved out time monthly to volunteer on projects to help improve her community.

Small changes are not difficult…you can do it too! Join us on a journey to becoming the best you, you can be. You…the same…only better!

PSA of the Day…small changes can create big results.


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