To Forgive

Learning how to forgive myself is hard work.

Mistakes or lapses tend to lead me to berate myself pretty badly. So, my new mantra is to be kinder to myself, learn from the mistake, and move on immediately.

I really put this to the test this week.  Recently I set small, but manageable challenges for myself and last week I slipped up a bit. I wrote a post about it on Tuesday and promised to get right back on track.

But…instead of getting right back on track, what actually happened was a bunch of girl friends gathered for some fun eating, drinking and being merry…and I stayed out a bit beyond my bedtime.

So…on Tuesday night I didn’t track my food and drink.

Weigh in at Weight Watchers on Wednesday morning resulted in a .2 lb gain…not horrible for the damage I did the night before, but it did wipe out the loss I should have seen on the scale. Bummer.

The plan was to get right back on track again Wednesday morning, which I did by tracking everything I ate…but, I was exhausted, so I only earned one Activity Point instead of my required 3.

The old me would spend the day criticizing myself and I probably would slip further off track.

But I am forgiving myself…and I am getting back on track (again).

I am drinking my water, tracking my food and moving my butt.

PSA of the Day…be kinder to yourself!

Daily Prompt: Forgive and Forget?


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