I Am Not Bossy – I Am Just a Control Freak

not bossy control freak

I have the best intentions…I swear.

I don’t mean to be bossy.

I am just a control freak. I don’t even understand people who are not control freaks.

I do understand that being a control freak doesn’t serve me, my friends or my family well…so I am working on it.

Plain and simple, you can’t be a control freak and a stepmom…it just doesn’t work. You will either implode or have horrible relationships with those around you. So learning to let go a bit is imperative!

How do you manage to not want to control the situations around you? I need to learn!

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

I do believe in Karma.  What goes around comes around.

The kinder you treat others, the kinder you will be treated. If I continue bossing controlling things then those around me will continue bossing controlling me. I need to end the cycle.

PSA of the Day…Be Kind to Others!


Sharing the Excitement

Facebook brag vs share 4.7.15

I have been accused of being an over-sharer.

My husband says I use a lot of words.

But I just love sharing excitement and exciting things.  I love telling my friends and family all the great things happening in my life…and in return I love hearing about what is happening in their lives.

I was once asked if you should like people’s Facebook posts.  Of course you should!  That is why they posted it to begin with (unless it is bad news…and then you have to use your appropriate judgement). Continue reading