Analysis Paralysis – Stop the Whirling and Make a Damn Decision!

Whirling Analysis Paralysis

I didn’t even know analysis paralysis existed, never mind that I suffered from it!

Analysis paralysis is when you over think something so much that a decision or action is never taken.

It shows up time to time in my personal life, but is most evident when it comes to decorating. My husband brought it to my attention recently and I have started to take it to heart.

We own two apartments, neither are decorated, and he would like to finally make our homes feel like a home.  I don’t blame him and I am taking his advice to heart.

I have a fear that that I will pick an ugly paint color, hang a picture in the wrong place, select an uncomfortable couch, so what do I do? Nothing!

One of our apartments was actually destroyed by an upstairs neighbor’s pipe bursting. I am going to be forced to rebuild soon and will need to make one decision after another.

I am terrified, but now that I am aware of my analysis paralysis I have a plan:

1- All decisions must be made within 72 hours of being presented.

2- Ask for help, but not from too many people…maybe three trusted advisors (one possibly being a professional).

3- Limit my time to 3 hours Googling information – I can get lost in Google and other resources.

4- Immediately make pro / cons sheets – these always seem to work for me.

My hope is that I will spend the summer rebuilding and decorating our vacation apartment and then focus on our main apartment in the fall. In the meantime I am in the process of organizing and decluttering our main home in anticipation of this project.

Very exciting, but very scary and overwhelming!

What tools do you use to make decisions?

I would also love referrals to any decorating resources you love.

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