Journey to Me

I am on a journey right now to become the best me I can be!

By implementing small, manageable changes weekly I am hoping to improve some sections of my life that can use a little improvement. Check out my Challenges section.

My journey to self-improvement started with smooth sailing, but recently some life issues have gotten in the way. I can make excuse, after excuse, but that is how I handled things in the past. Now, I am picking myself up and starting again. Every day is a new day to become a better me.  And that is who I am working to be!

PSA of the Day…Pick yourself up and start again!

Daily Prompt: Journey


To Forgive

Learning how to forgive myself is hard work.

Mistakes or lapses tend to lead me to berate myself pretty badly. So, my new mantra is to be kinder to myself, learn from the mistake, and move on immediately.

I really put this to the test this week.  Recently I set small, but manageable challenges for myself and last week I slipped up a bit. I wrote a post about it on Tuesday and promised to get right back on track.

But…instead of getting right back on track, what actually happened was a bunch of girl friends gathered for some fun eating, drinking and being merry…and I stayed out a bit beyond my bedtime.

So…on Tuesday night I didn’t track my food and drink.

Weigh in at Weight Watchers on Wednesday morning resulted in a .2 lb gain…not horrible for the damage I did the night before, but it did wipe out the loss I should have seen on the scale. Bummer.

The plan was to get right back on track again Wednesday morning, which I did by tracking everything I ate…but, I was exhausted, so I only earned one Activity Point instead of my required 3.

The old me would spend the day criticizing myself and I probably would slip further off track.

But I am forgiving myself…and I am getting back on track (again).

I am drinking my water, tracking my food and moving my butt.

PSA of the Day…be kinder to yourself!

Daily Prompt: Forgive and Forget?

It’s Going Down!

isolated-scale it is going down

The scale that is! Yippee!!!

I mostly credit the tracking of everything I eat. By writing down everything I am more mindful of what I am doing. Also, because I am forcing myself to write it down I am finding that two things are happening:

1- I realize most of the time when I eat something bad it is not nearly as bad as I thought it was

2- Allows (or forces) me to get right back on track, not the next day or week, but the next minute

I am sure that drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water and getting a little more activity has helped also.

I lost 4.4 lbs this week for a total of 20 lbs!

Very excited! And very motivated!

What tricks help you stay on track and motivated to eat properly?

PSA of the Day…if you bite it, you write it!

I Like to Keep it Spicy

The spicier, the better! Wait, what? I’m talking about food!

Just because I am eating healthier doesn’t mean I don’t want it to taste great!

I’ve also learned that I love smoky flavors, especially chipotle. We make two sauces we love on tacos or as a dipping sauce for veggies. Continue reading

Focus List of Ten

focus list of ten

The new me – same as the old me – just the best me that I can be!

I am challenging myself to focus on the ten things listed below that are important to me and can use a little improvement.

Some I have started already, others will become more of a focus in the coming weeks.

I am happy being me and living my particular life. I am grateful for all that I have…because I have a lot! But that doesn’t mean I don’t need improvement. Everyone needs improvement, because no one is perfect. (I apologize if you are perfect…I do not mean to offend anyone!)

Here is my Focus List of Ten:

#1- Weight Loss (Food): Taking accountability for what I eat and improve my daily diet. I am on Weight Watchers and have committed to tracking every little bite that goes into my mouth!

#2- Weight Loss (Activity): I have committed to moving more every single day.

#3- Organize: Many aspects of my life are organized, but my physical and electronic spaces are disasters in great need of attention. I am working slowly to make necessary improvements (one corner of my life at a time)!

#4- Learning: There are so many things I want to learn…the world is such an interesting place. Right now I am focusing on learning to blog, but there are many other items on the list to learn!

#5- Relationships: Strong friend and family relationships are so important to our happiness, so I want to maintain and grow my current relationship and maybe even create some new ones. I love being part of a community and I am starting to feel part of the blogging community.

#6- Giving Back: I make donations often, but I don’t give enough of my time and energy to improving my world.

#7- Mindfulness: I would like to start to meditate and do yoga.

#8- Fun Stuff: I don’t want to let daily life get in the way of fun stuff. I want to do more fun stuff!!!

#9- Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone: I want to step out of my comfort zone more often. I don’t think that means daily, but maybe weekly.

#10- Decorating: This one freaks me out. I can’t even admit out loud how long we have lived in our home without painting or hanging a picture. I know many of you love this, but for me it is a fear much higher on the list than public speaking!

What are you focusing on improving? Any tips you can provide to help with my improvements are greatly appreciated!

PSA of the Day…Make a list to focus on and then focus on that list!

Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction of a List

Slash and Burn – Calories, that is

Eat less move more

It is time to slash and burn my calories! I am excited to recommit to my weight loss journey and I look forward to a more active spring and summer and beyond!

The only way I am going lose weight is by cutting the number of calories I eat and burning more than I have been with my recent coach potato ways!

I can’t even count the number of times I have joined Weight Watchers in the past. The last time I joined was in September 2013 when I hit my heaviest weight ever! I have been going to meetings on and off ever since. I have been paying all along, but like a gym membership, just because you pay doesn’t mean you benefit.

BTW, my gym membership is also being paid for, but not used!

I had lost 38 lbs, but gained 23 of them back.  Right now I am down 15.6 and have a long way to go until hitting my goal.

In the past week I have started tracking (food journaling) everything I eat and have started moving a little bit more.

My goal is to lose something every week. I know some weeks will be better than others, but I need to start and keep forward motion.

I am hoping to not only look and feel better, but to also be healthier and more energized.

What tricks do you have for eating less and moving more?

PSA of the Day…Eat Less and Move More

Daily Prompt: Slash and Burn