Organizational Goddess…yeah, right!!!

001 after

I am an organizational goddess….under a full moon, in my dreams, in an alternate universe.

My fantasy is for everything to have a place and to have a place for everything. No clutter on counter tops. No junk draws. No pile of magazines. Etc. Etc. Etc!

I may not be living this fantasy, but I am working hard to declutter and organize one corner at a time.

This week I focused on four bathroom draws that were in dire need. I am shocked and embarrassed by how many expired medications we had in there! There was also a ton of junk and things that belonged in other places.

Lots of stuff was thrown out, other items were moved to their proper location.

Success!!! I have de-cluttered and now need to go buy some draw organizers to corral the rest of the stuff.

Here are the before and after photos (some look better than others, but trust me…this is a huge improvement!):

001  001 after

002002 after003 after003

004 after004

Daily Prompt: The Full Moon


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