Slash and Burn – Calories, that is

Eat less move more

It is time to slash and burn my calories! I am excited to recommit to my weight loss journey and I look forward to a more active spring and summer and beyond!

The only way I am going lose weight is by cutting the number of calories I eat and burning more than I have been with my recent coach potato ways!

I can’t even count the number of times I have joined Weight Watchers in the past. The last time I joined was in September 2013 when I hit my heaviest weight ever! I have been going to meetings on and off ever since. I have been paying all along, but like a gym membership, just because you pay doesn’t mean you benefit.

BTW, my gym membership is also being paid for, but not used!

I had lost 38 lbs, but gained 23 of them back.  Right now I am down 15.6 and have a long way to go until hitting my goal.

In the past week I have started tracking (food journaling) everything I eat and have started moving a little bit more.

My goal is to lose something every week. I know some weeks will be better than others, but I need to start and keep forward motion.

I am hoping to not only look and feel better, but to also be healthier and more energized.

What tricks do you have for eating less and moving more?

PSA of the Day…Eat Less and Move More

Daily Prompt: Slash and Burn


One thought on “Slash and Burn – Calories, that is

  1. guruonamountain April 22, 2015 / 8:59 pm

    You can do it! I find it really helps me to move more if I schedule workouts in and get in a routine eg. going to a fitness class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the same time every week but it can be hard to get off the comfy couch sometimes!

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