Declutter: One Corner at a Time

corner 1 before

I swear I am a minimalist stuck in a hoarder’s life!

Okay, well maybe I do have an itsy, bitsy problem with getting rid of stuff and staying organized in a small physical space….but in my defense, we do live in a small space without a lot of storage space.

And, I do hate to part with stuff.

That being said, we have an office that from the very beginning was used as a storage area, but now has basically become a dumping ground.

No more! I can’t take it anymore! Also, I wanted to buy this adult coloring book and my husband said no more stuff is coming into this home until we have a place for it….so thus the Declutter: One Corner at a Time idea was born.

The thought of organizing that whole room at once was way too overwhelming, so I decided to break it up into 4 sections, i.e. the four corners.

I am so excited to report that I finished the first corner in an hour! It is not perfect.  I would like to get prettier storage containers for the mini shelves, a nice tray or something to hold the paper in, and the box on the floor is stuff my husband needs to bring to the office…but I think this is an outstanding start.

I took other peoples advice and started by taking everything out of the room.

I threw out a bag of stuff. In this batch there wasn’t really anything to donate.

I then took the stuff that belonged in other places and moved them to where they belonged.

Then I just organized what was left in a much neater arrangement.  Below is an after picture.

Very exciting!

I plan to do one corner per week and finish by the middle of May.  Yeah!!!

What organizing tips do you have to share?

PSA of the Day: Organize small sections at a time so you are not too overwhelmed!

corner 1 after


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